We are vehicle owners just like you, we know how much repairing a car costs, even changing orreplacing few components and we don’t take advantage from your emergency. We let our customers feel the advantage! We like to be a hand of help, so let us make your bad situation as easy as possible!


We meet and exceed your expectations by :


  • Non-Stop Towing Services ( with recovery platform trucks ).
    Our towing services are at your disposal 24 hours/7 days a week. Anytime and anywhere, we shall promptly meet your need.
  • Guaranteed lowest price on towing!
    Yet an unforeseen event occurred, you were completely taken by surprise, therefore ADC tractari auto provides you the cheapest towing service. As compared with the competitors, at us rendering a quality service implies: cheap towing, fast towing and safety during towing operation. Is far better!
  • Whether your automobile transport needs are local, domestic or international, ADC Tractari auto is the only call you need to make.
    Looking for a reliable and fast towing service in Bucharest ? It will take us 30 minutes to get to you.
    If your car happens to be anywhere in the country, you can always count on us! We provide our customers fast towing services in any circumstance , all across Romania.
    The borders are not a reason to worry about. We shall transport your vehicle to/from any corner in Europe and beyond.
  • We guarantee to safely and securely transport your vehicle to any destination chosen. We are covered by carrier liability insurance (CMR insurance), as well.

Clearly, whether your car has broken down, if you were involved in a car accident or you cannot lawfully drive your car on public roads, we will provide all the benefits: we are active on the local towing market (Bucharest) , domestic (towing throughout Romania) and international, we are the cheapest towing provider, our services are available non-stop and, thus, we can offer quick towing whenever you are in need.