No matter where you are, no matter when you need us, ADC Tractari auto will be non-stop at your disposal, allowing you to continue your journey in the shortest time possible. Our Roadside Assistance services are unique because they will not involve any additional costs in case of emergency, but only the cost of the towing truck ride or when is stationary.

Our customer service representatives and drivers are standing by 24 hours a day to provide not only towing services and vehicle transportation, but can get to you quickly and provide you with all the necessary toolsto get your vehicle to safety and you back on the road. Once you have chosen our services, you may consider your car in good hands !

  • Towing services – recommended in the case when your vehicle cannot be driven safely on public roads.

Flat Tyre – it is a requirement that you carry a serviceable spare wheel . No worries if you are not equipped with one, we will get the damaged tyre to the closest vulcanizing shop.

Flat Battery – our roadside Technician will jump start a flat battery, co-ordinate or arrange battery replacement.

Out of Fuel Situation – we will provide and deliver to your vehicle the amount of fuel required and you will have to pay only the receipt issued by the gas station.

Helping get you back on your way.- a trained technician will arrive promptly, provide you a diagnosis and carry out temporary or minor repairs.

Rental Vehicle – to enable you to continue a journey that cannot be postponed, if your vehicle breaks down and is likely totake more than 24 hours to repair, we will suggest reliable rental car companies in Bucharest and we shall tow your vehicle anywhere you require.

Accommodation in Bucharest – if you are far away from your destination and your car needs an urgent towing in Bucharest to a repair shop, we will provide you accommodation in central serviced apartments, fully equipped at very competitive rates.

If you break down, take these precautions:

  • Pull off the road, turn on the hazard warning lights and place reflective triangles a minimum of 30 meters in front and behind the vehicle to warn approaching traffic.
  • Traffic safety experts recommend that you remain in the vehicle and keep the seat belt fastened. If the worst happens and another vehicle collides with yours, you will have the safety of the car to protect you.
  • In winter, stay in the vehicle and keep the windows and doors closed to keep the ambient warmth in the car.